Renewable energy regulators in Europe

SPAIN – The National Energy Commission

Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade of Spain

The National Renewable Energy Centre


PORTUGAL – Energy Services Regulatory Authority (ERSE)

Energy and Geology General Directorate

UK – Department of Energy and Climate Change

Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (Ofgem)


IRELAND – Commission for Energy Regulation (CER)

Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland


ICELAND – National Energy Authority


THE NORDIC REGION – Nordic Energy Research

Denmark – Danish Energy Regulatory Authority (DERA)

Danish Energy Agency

Finland – The Energy Market Authority (EMV

Finland energy office

Iceland – National energy authority

Norway – Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate

Sweden – Energy Markets Inspectorate(EI)

The Swedish Energy Agency


THE CZECH REPUBLIC – Energy Regulatory Office (ERO)

Governmental Council for energy and raw materials


SLOVAK REPUBLIC – Regulatory Office for Network Industries (RONI)


RUSSIA – The Ministry of Energy


ROMANIA – National Energy Regulator


SLOVENIA – Energy Agency of the Republic of Slovenia


TURKEY – The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (ETKB)

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