Renewable energy exploration – economical wonders

Ships powered by oil

Renewable energy sources were doubted. Renewable energy was subsidized. Technology was blamed as unreliable. The Earth was flat and the stakes were burning.
But now it seems that there are believers. Believers in the power of the sun, wind, water. A power that could not be measured. And these believers support the technology and exploration of these resources. For less than a decade, their efforts have made the solar technology four times cheaper, while in the same time the prices of the fossils were going up. What would a reasonable man prefer as an investment? Well, it is normal to choose the item that could be traded. That’s why we’re still hugging so tightly the limited resources. We invest in money but not in future. And the same believers are often muted by the voice of the money though that money is just a dust without the future. But future is inevitable and soon will come the time when we’ll start to count only on the renewable energy sources as we – the humans are too close to the limits of the inherited resources. The end of these resources that was counted in centuries is now only decades away. We are headed to becoming fossils ourselves and we must step back before we exterminate all life forms. Can we think as part of our planet or we still act like gods?