Renewable energy union – wind, water, earth and sun

Solar pannels of a renewable energy construction

Electricity production from renewable energy sources is vulnerable to natural conditions and often the demand and supply is hard to match. Scientists from all over the globe are working on a storage method that is cost effective and reliable. Latest research results are quite optimistic and probably very soon our dependence from traditional sources of energy will be easy to scratch.
Interesting fact is that the new ways to store energy are based on combination of the same renewable resources – on one hand as a production power and on the other as a storage capacity.
Compressed air storage plants use the extra power to pressurize air and store it into natural underground structures and later use it back for electricity production. These plants can re-generate as much as 80% of the electricity they take in.
Another promising method is a chemical reaction that converts electricity into chemical energy by splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen fuels. These fuels can then be stored and re-converted to electricity for future use.
It seems that Nature has given us all we need, and it is in a symbiotic connection that our minds must reveal.