Resource wars in the era of renewables

Our energy needs are just dust

Renewable energy sources are slowly pushing away the dependence on traditional energy. Each and every day we break the chains of our reliance on limited in quantity resources. Each and every day the technology improves and we gain more and more energy from the nature without destroying it.

Sometimes we fight wars (with guns or money) for the vital power of fossils no matter what reason for these wars we hide behind. We fight wars the same way our ancestors were fighting for land, food and gold. But we can not fight for the wind or the sun. And as we move ahead with knowledge about the foundations of life, we’re slowing down our acts of ruining them. Energy is probably the basics of our existence, but the way we see it is more like community comfort. When this comfort is granted by non-exhaustible sources will we focus on our internal Universe? Will there be more resource wars on the planet with enough weapons for destruction of several others and total annihilation of life?