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As renewable energy becomes an increasingly large sector, the business community needs a lot of professional information, studies, reports and analyses. Intelligence, consultancy, benchmarking and advisory services are also offered by the companies listed bellow:


The Market Publishers, Ltd. is a multilingual hypermarket with sound experience in trading market research reports and analytical information at international and local markets.


Renewable Analytics LLC is an industry research and consulting firm formed to address the underserved need for objective and timely supply chain research in the Solar Photovoltaic industry.


ARC Advisory Group has become the leading technology research and advisory firm for industry and infrastructure.


Kachan & Co. offers boutique cleantech research & advisory services.


ABS is an independent energy market research company founded in 1990 specialised in energy market research reports, energy market databases and energy market consulting as well as analysis and market forecasts.


Catalyst is the UK’s market leading independent business energy broker and utility consultant, specialising in energy procurement services, sustainability and environmental services.


SBI Reports has been leading industrial market research reporting for more than a decade. The brand established SBI Energy to address the complex nature of the Energy and Resources industry.


Sage Renewable Energy Consulting combines industry standard energy modeling with sophisticated financial analysis of energy rates and potential financing mechanisms.

A matter of energy, matter and energy or just time.

Earth, wind and clouds.

To create something, you need energy and lot of time – to destroy you need seconds and in some cases you don’t need power as for destruction you can use the one accumulated in the system you intend to destroy. Having in mind that many people are scared of so called “Mayan apocalypse” – the conclusion of the 5,125-year “Long Count” Mayan calendar, it is strange why there aren’t such worries about “Industrial apocalypse”?

Resource wars in the era of renewables

Our energy needs are just dust

Renewable energy sources are slowly pushing away the dependence on traditional energy. Each and every day we break the chains of our reliance on limited in quantity resources. Each and every day the technology improves and we gain more and more energy from the nature without destroying it.

To burn our own house

Green energy

There is a place on Earth that is 100% powered by renewable energy sources – the three atolls of Tokelau.
Previously the island country was powered by shipping in thousands of barrels of diesel fuel. According to PowerSmart, the New Zealand based company that installed the Tokelau Renewable Energy Project, diesel generators were burning around 200 liters of fuel daily on each atoll, meaning more than 2,000 barrels of diesel were used to generate electricity in Tokelau each year.