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Green links

Here you can find sources of information about different aspects of sustainable behavior – from online environmental programs from accredited schools and green jobs to eco-friendly and green shops, services and blogs.

Environmental Science – EnvironmentalScience.org’s mission is to be the most reliable and expansive advocate for environmental science education and careers.

For more Conservation & Green Jobs why not visit StopDodo at www.environmentjobs.com

The Big Eco Directory – A collection of resources that contain eco-friendly information.

Environmental Science Programs – a comprehensive resource for those interested in working in that area or advancing their education. From salary information, career paths, and updates from the field, you’ll find the answers to all your questions – and some you’d never think to ask.

A Guide to Green careers – Renewability. Sustainability. Efficiency. These three words describe the engine that will drive the economic growth in the near future and for decades to come. As the world’s economy goes, so goes its jobs market. This guidebook has been created to help readers better understand exactly what lies ahead for job seekers in a renewable, sustainable and more efficient world. If you are interested in finding a career where you can make a difference while making a living, this guidebook is for you.

Environmental Science Degree Program Guide – a comprehensive search engine interconnecting more than 500 environmental science programs around the USA. Environmental science is a diverse field that combines the study of the natural sciences such as biology, chemistry and physics and teaches students to apply it to real-world scenarios.

Alternative Energy News publishes articles about renewable energy, new technologies, and anything that will help our civilization use energy and natural resources in a more sustainable and efficient way.

Renewable energy exploration – economical wonders

Ships powered by oil

Renewable energy sources were doubted. Renewable energy was subsidized. Technology was blamed as unreliable. The Earth was flat and the stakes were burning.
But now it seems that there are believers. Believers in the power of the sun, wind, water. A power that could not be measured. And these believers support the technology and exploration of these resources. For less than a decade, their efforts have made the solar technology four times cheaper, while in the same time the prices of the fossils were going up. What would a reasonable man prefer as an investment?


As renewable energy becomes an increasingly large sector, the business community needs a lot of professional information, studies, reports and analyses. Intelligence, consultancy, benchmarking and advisory services are also offered by the companies listed bellow:


The Market Publishers, Ltd. is a multilingual hypermarket with sound experience in trading market research reports and analytical information at international and local markets.


Renewable Analytics LLC is an industry research and consulting firm formed to address the underserved need for objective and timely supply chain research in the Solar Photovoltaic industry.


ARC Advisory Group has become the leading technology research and advisory firm for industry and infrastructure.


Kachan & Co. offers boutique cleantech research & advisory services.


ABS is an independent energy market research company founded in 1990 specialised in energy market research reports, energy market databases and energy market consulting as well as analysis and market forecasts.


Catalyst is the UK’s market leading independent business energy broker and utility consultant, specialising in energy procurement services, sustainability and environmental services.


SBI Reports has been leading industrial market research reporting for more than a decade. The brand established SBI Energy to address the complex nature of the Energy and Resources industry.


Sage Renewable Energy Consulting combines industry standard energy modeling with sophisticated financial analysis of energy rates and potential financing mechanisms.

Energy regulation – Schizophrenia or clash of titans


Energy regulation – it is an interesting fact that most of the energy governing bodies around the globe are responsible both for fossil and renewable energy sources.

According to wikipedia.org – schizophrenia is a mental disorder characterized by a breakdown of thought processes and by poor emotional responsiveness.