Solar energy sources

PV solar power - Era-Energy has started to present local, national and global companies developing, exploring and promoting renewable energy sources. More »

The Earth energy and the beauty

The Earth energy sources - Earth’s energy comes from the original formation of the planet and from radioactive decay of minerals. The geothermal gradient, which is the difference in temperature between the core of the planet and its surface, drives a continuous conduction of thermal energy in the form of heat from the core to the surface. More »

The power of the water

Hydropower, hydroelectric power or water power is power that is derived from the force or energy of flowing or falling water, which may be harnessed for useful purposes. More »

The power of the wind

The wind power is the ability of air movement to do work. Today, wind energy turbines are used mainly for production of electricity. It is a clean and renewable energy source that can produce enough electricity to power huge areas. More »

The invisible power

The energy of the wind is invisible and so powerful that has allowed humans to exploit the surface of the planet long before the discovering of electricity. More »


Fossils or alternative of life

Dinosaurs existed for more than ten millions of years

A mysterious fossil specimen that has been in London’s Natural History Museum for decades has been identified as most likely coming from a dinosaur that lived about 245 million years ago – 10 to 15 million years earlier than any previously discovered examples.
The researchers believe the creature named Nyasasaurus probably was about the size of a Labrador dog.
It is funny how we assume that something is a scientific fact with approximate mistake of 5 mln. years and on the other hand all of our history as biological species (Homo and even Australopithecus) is far away from such period of existence. And after all why are we so fascinated by fossils in scientific and economical plan, but can’t look at the present or try to predict the near future? According to the UN data, there are close to 25% of human beings, on the same planet that we inhabit, without access to electricity. With today’s technology of renewable energy sources, allowing us to power on even the remotest part of any continent, it is hard to imagine that few cities could consume more electricity than a whole continent or several millions could use more electricity than several hundred millions, but it is fact. So, next time when I turn the lights on, I’ll think about Nyasasaurus and the period of time this species survived.