Renewables vs fossils or credit vs savings

Flowers and trees are one of the simpliest forms of energy

Renewable energy sources or fossils? The Earth is our home. The human race is one big family despite the fact that many of the cousins (nations) do not know each other well and communicate hard. We share one heritage though our mother Gaia hasn’t divided her share equally. It is always like that with mothers – they favorite some more than the others, but they love all of their children. Our father Uranus, on the other hand, treated us evenly by letting light and wind to all. We’ve grown up know, so we must take care of our own future.
Inherited wealth is always correlated to money so let’s take a look at our legacy from the perspective of personal finance.
Our existence after the Industrial revolution is like several hours from the life of Homo sapiens. Is it wise to spend all of our family savings in just few days? Wouldn’t it be better to credit our future as there will be many opportunities for the family in perspective and probably some hard times when our inheritance will be needed? Why we must listen to few lazy, greedy cousins that don’t see the power of education and knowledge but only gold? It is a matter of family decision and if our family does not take actions now, tomorrow we may scratch not only the last few days of our life as species.