Solar energy sources

PV solar power - Era-Energy has started to present local, national and global companies developing, exploring and promoting renewable energy sources. More »

The Earth energy and the beauty

The Earth energy sources - Earth’s energy comes from the original formation of the planet and from radioactive decay of minerals. The geothermal gradient, which is the difference in temperature between the core of the planet and its surface, drives a continuous conduction of thermal energy in the form of heat from the core to the surface. More »

The power of the water

Hydropower, hydroelectric power or water power is power that is derived from the force or energy of flowing or falling water, which may be harnessed for useful purposes. More »

The power of the wind

The wind power is the ability of air movement to do work. Today, wind energy turbines are used mainly for production of electricity. It is a clean and renewable energy source that can produce enough electricity to power huge areas. More »

The invisible power

The energy of the wind is invisible and so powerful that has allowed humans to exploit the surface of the planet long before the discovering of electricity. More »


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Era-Energy represents local renewable energy companies from Florida

Era-Energy has started presenting companies in the field of renewable energy sources working globally, nationally and locally. At US National Renewable energy developers you can find a brief description and links to larger companies that implement projects across the country or at least in more than 5 states, while smaller local developers, installers and more can be found on the pages of the respective states. Florida is one of the territories of the continent, with a favorable climate for the use of solar energy, a huge number of inhabitants and all the required conditions for the construction of installations for gaining power from renewable energy sources. Therefore, representing a variety of renewable energy companies in Florida can be helpful to many who are still seeking information on the subject to make their informed choices.

Of course, not all of the listed companies are in favour only to the local communities, but some are covering the territories of 2 or more states, delivering alternative power decisions to a wider group of beneficiaries.

USA local companies – by sate

List of Renewable energy companies operating mainly on a local level or in less than 5 states (listed by state):

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Florida Renewable Energy companies

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