The power that stopped the Sun.

Renewable life through the eyes of a cloud

In all religions the Sun is a symbol of Gods’ power. According to science, Sun is the center of our system and the main reason for our existence – probably not responsible for creation of life but its primary supporter.

Then man created money. In the beginning gold was just a measure for the added value of one’s labor and, in many cultures, a symbol of the Gods, but  it started to live its own life as greed was fertile ground for growth. Suddenly appeared that gold is ousted by digits and they rule the tiny world of the human being though there was nothing human in this creature’s behavior – the creature was eating the flesh of its planet, discarding the symbiotic connections. The creature was greedy, but even its greed was muted by the fear of death. It started to search for the balance of powers but the digits were already controlling its world – telling wrong from right. Digits were the new God – one and only.

Digits are the main sources for decision regarding implementation of renewable energy systems. It should be life.

In fact the Sun will shine despite of our efforts to control everything not seeing that we are controlled by our greed. Will the human race benefit from the warm hug?