Energy, regulation, money, life and time

Solar power

What would you do if you were immortal? Would try to benefit from eternity or would you try to save the balance of the system you inhabit? If there is only one tree on your planet would you try to cut it to warm yourself or would you plant another? If there is only one cornfield would you eat all the seeds to satisfy your hunger or would you plant part of them to harvest again? It is doubtful that in such situations you’ll act in the way some of us still act today.
The “right” and “wrong” are just terms we use to justify our deeds, but in most cases our deeds are influenced by our ambitions to benefit from a specific situation and not take reasonable decisions. Our censor, our inner regulator is often deafened by the sound of gold.
It is obvious that our society needs energy to survive but it is not very wise to continue with our efforts of cutting the only tree on our planet as long as we have the technology that could save it.
Life is our immortality – our life; the life of our children and their children and all of the regulating systems we’ve built should focus on saving it, but not to be distracted by the glittering light of the gold that is just a reflection of sunlight. Our time and life are measured only by the sun and all our plans should be tight with it. Once we’ve reached the technological level to explore it, we should do our best to extend it to eternity. One source of renewable energy – one source of life.