Energy sources – Thieves or creators

The power of the Earth

The man has always been trying to understand the power of creation but in the same time, the dark part of his mind has always been pulling him down. Wars and killings, executions, medieval fires burning scientists, all the attempts of destroying life for millions of causes are just the visible examples of the power of the dark side. Hypocrisy and lies, greed and corruption of thoughts are part of man’s everyday life.
These two powers are colliding, fighting for control over the poor creature, turning him both a liar and thief and a creator. But if we drop the philosophy and general conclusions and look only from the energy point of view, we’ll see that both powers have collided recently. The man discovered fire, and then the energy of fossils and energy of water and sun, electricity and nuclear power. The man started to ask questions and he understood that life and time are the answers. If he could control time, he could live forever and if he could live forever, he should preserve live, otherwise forever means nothing. All the discoveries from his past have led him to knowledge that everything in Nature is connected and it is great stupidity to steal energy from Her if there is a free and limitless one, as there is no theft unpunished. When we’re talking and acting in support of renewable energy, we are acting in support of life and future. It is in our minds and our hands.