Solar energy oil painting – one more picture in the gallery

Renewable energy roadmap for Saudi Arabia

According to officially published roadmap, Saudi Arabia, the world’s number one oil exporter, aims to install 23.9 GW of renewable power capacity by 2020 and 54.1 GW by 2032.

Most of the renewable energy needed, the kingdom seeks from the solar technologies, but the door is wide open for other free energy sources – wind, geothermal, waste.

Support and involvement of national developers will be set as requirements in the new projects, while, on the other hand, the projects will be granted by twenty-year contracts with a government body.

The will of the kingdom that has daily output capacity of over twelve million barrels of crude oil is a model that should be carefully analyzed by democracies with less or without any deposits of such resources or with huge gap between the demand and supply.

Time is the factor that will tell whether motivation of today’s decision makers, on every single spot on the planet, is influenced by vision of the future or by today’s needs.