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Join the army of renewable power if you cannot beat it!

Wind could fight the oil

Few decades ago, renewable energy was in the middle of many local fights. Bespattered, rejected and neglected, the cause found political support and the war with the fossils became a World War.
The most valuable asset in any war is time and as Sun Tzu has wrote, several centuries ago, in “The Art of War”: “If you sit by the river long enough, you will see the body of your enemy float by”.

Modern slavery

Renewable energy could brake the grid chains

Slaves were chained together so that if one tried to escape, it would not be as easy. He would need the whole group to escape with him. And it would be very slow. Slaves power was needed. Today we need energy for the machines that have taken the place of the “live force” – animal & human. But it seems that all of us are chained by the invisible and mighty chain called “grid” and “stations”.