Join the army of renewable power if you cannot beat it!

Wind could fight the oil

Few decades ago, renewable energy was in the middle of many local fights. Bespattered, rejected and neglected, the cause found political support and the war with the fossils became a World War.
The most valuable asset in any war is time and as Sun Tzu has wrote, several centuries ago, in “The Art of War”: “If you sit by the river long enough, you will see the body of your enemy float by”. Today we can add: If you sit by the oil well long enough, you will see it drought.
Realizing that such war could not be won, the giants from the era of the fossils started to invest in alternative energy sources, strengthening the army of renewables. But there is a slight difference in exploration of both types of resources and that difference is the independence. To be on the fossils’ side means to depend on grid or supplies, while gaining power from a renewable energy source, means freedom. It is pity that we live too short and we may spend our lives while sitting on the bank, just looking at the waters, waiting for the big change, but the river flows and … the oil runs … out.