The energy that keeps us alive

Solar pannels construction

Our mother Earth keeps us safe by providing us with shelter and energy. One simple renewable cycle of life that has formed today’s society of self-established “Gods”. By losing the roots of life, a small group of human beings decided that knowing few principles of the system could let them control the whole. Their main goal was to control other beings instead of living in harmony with the system. This has always been and still is part of our nature. We cannot live in one whole system like the ants or the bees. Our instincts are different and our knowledge too poor, and though our efforts and curiosity may lead us to another level until that day we must keep the energy balance in our world.

As we’re still not capable of creating matter we must steal from the body of our mother to satisfy our needs. And like in a single life – as we grow our needs grow. Recently we realized that we cannot spend all our mother’s earnings in a single day, and we started to produce the energy for our growing needs from resources that could be replenished. But not replenished by us but by the same big system that we partly understand.

The sun in that system was shining when the ice covered the Earth, when the Pyramids were built (the Egyptians were manufacturing fine pieces of gold jewelry when the humans on most of the other continents were living in caves), when nuclear bombs were dropped. It will shine long after all languages and currencies have gone, so let us benefit from its warm and kind hug, even though our technology is not so perfect as we want it to be.