The God of Sun – energy for renewable life

Sun is our life

Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and other religions are systems of beliefs and values that determine the behavior of human beings on the planet but although almost all of the religions are based on eternity, none of them have ever been a reason for avoiding death. We are supposed to deal with life while Gods will take care after death.

Fine, but if death is time without end why to hurry for the inevitable meeting? And so, men mind the Gods because of one simple fear – death. On the other hand life might be given by Gods but depends on the Sun. Each and every creature on Earth is connected to the Sun. It is a vital connection preceding money, industry, electricity. And we must count on it if we want to live. Now we are technologically advanced and we search for scientific reason of existence but we’re still chained to death. Our only way to reach eternity in life is life itself – we create life by giving birth to other humans which are trapped in the same connection with the Sun. So, obviously this star in our Galaxy is our Life God and we must worship it and try to know it better. It is our energy for renewing life.