The North Star – Renewable energy future guide

The old and heavy alectricity construcions

When wind energy was used as a main power to explore the world, there was a guiding light to those who sailed across the oceans – the Northern star; never changing position and showing the right direction. Now we have enough technology to find a pin in the desert and that’s why we’ve probably have lost our connection with the guiding light of the stars.

Today, there is a reason to look to the north. Not above but amongst us. To see the guiding light of a community that was not tolerated by the nature as the southern nations were, and probably that’s why has developed an energy intensive economy.

Sweden, the country that already has one of the lowest-carbon economies among OECD countries has set ambitious goals. And they will achieve them with deeds but not with declarations and leads. According to IEA, today, Sweden’s electricity supply is almost completely carbon-free, and the country has a very low share of fossil fuels in its energy mix thanks to strong energy and CO2 taxation in the sectors not covered by the EU carbon market. Sweden has opted to allow for the replacement of its existing nuclear reactors at the end of their lifetime.

In a joint market with Norway, Sweden is steadily increasing the renewable energy supply to consumers, lowering the costs through a renewable electricity certificate system.

May be it is time to look to the North in search of our guiding light.